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Day trip - Discover the Silver Coast of Portugal / Temporarily unavailable

Guided day trip with your family: Discover the Portuguese Silver Coast

Our day trip “Discover the Silver Coast of Portugal” is a guided day tour where you and your partner, friends or family will discover a part of the popular Silver Coast region in Portugal in a relaxed, interesting way.

Where is the Silver Coast region of Portugal located?

The Silver Coast region of Portugal covers a very large area, which of course we will not be able to fully explore during this guided day tour. The exact size of the area is not entirely clear, but in general the Costa de Prata is said to extend from Torres Vedras (north of Lisbon) to the city of Leiria (other sources say as far as the city of Porto). The Silver Coast region does not only encompass the coastline, but also a large part of the interior.

Portugal's Silver Coast is not yet subject to mass tourism. We don't mind at all, but it is strange, since there is so much beauty to be seen in this region! Beautiful sandy beaches, rugged cliffs and stunning natural landscapes, picturesque spots with the charm of former fishing villages, historic buildings and so much more.

The Silver Coast region is, of course, too large to explore in a single day, so our expert guide will take you to special places near São Martinho do Porto / Salir do Porto that you might never visit during a beach holiday. On this guided day trip - and a place in the sun Silver Coast Portugal - our guide will tell you everything you want to know.

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The full-day guided tour includes:

Óbidos: the picturesque, medieval fortified town with its narrow, cobbled streets, charming white houses with traditional blue and yellow borders, baroque churches and sturdy castle that has now become a hotel. Throughout the year, this town hosts various events, such as the chocolate festival, the opera festival and other music events. The most popular event is the medieval festival that takes place for several weeks during the summer and attracts a lot of people every year. If you are on holiday on the Silver Coast during the period of this medieval event, make sure to make time to experience it! Simply wonderful!


Alcobaça the beautiful Cistercian Monastery, UNESCO World Heritage Site with the largest church in Portugal.

In the afternoon
Nazaré -helio-dilolwa

The fishing village of Nazaré has become a mecca of the surfing world since McNamara set the world record by surfing a giant wave of over 30 metres high. We will also visit the Sítio where the legend of Dom Fuas Roupinho lives on and where you can enjoy a beautiful, breathtaking view over the Atlantic Ocean from the south side of the city.

Good to know

• Some lunch bars offer small snacks at reasonable prices

• In Óbidos you have a good restaurant, but it is always very busy. Booking in advance is necessary

• If you want to make the most of the time on your day trip, you can always bring your picnic

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