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Short trip - 5-day tour Alentejo, Portugal and Spain / Temporarily unavailable

Guided tour in Alentejo: culture, architecture and history

During this 5-day private tour, you and your partner, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your family or a few friends will discover more about the Alentejo region in Portugal and also cross the border into Spain to visit the beautiful cities of Aracena, Seville, Mérida and more.

During this fascinating guided mini-tour, we focus on culture, architecture and history, but of course we also provide enough time to relax and enjoy a terrace and delicious food.

Thanks to the knowledge of our extremely competent English-speaking guide/driver, you will experience the Alentejo region in a completely different way! A very special roundtrip that you will never forget.

The Alentejo in Portugal

The Alentejo in Portugal stretches from the left bank of the Tagus River to the Algarve and Spain in the east.

Because of its rolling fields and fertile soil, Alentejo is sometimes called "the granary" of Portugal. Surprisingly, the north-eastern region also has granite hills bordering Spain and large wetlands, such as at the famous Alqueva dam.

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Day 1
Évora Portugal

We welcome you at Lisbon Airport and drive straight to Évora. This ancient city, walled in since Roman times, has a number of palaces from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The charming Moorish alleys will enchant you!

Our favourite places to visit in Évora: Roman Temple, Cathedral, Museum of Évora (originally a 16th century palace), Igreja (Church) São Francisco with Capella dos Ossos (chapel with pillars, walls and ceilings covered with the bones of about 5000 monks).

Alqueva dam-jorge-sardinha
Alqueva-Dam Portugal

From the historic city of Évora, we continue our short trip in Alentejo to the Alqueva Dam. Not only the largest man-made lake in Europe, but also a UNESCO-recognised 'Starlight Tourism Destination' thanks to the surrounding nature, tranquillity and reduced light pollution. Stargazers will be fascinated by the number of stars they can see with the naked eye on a clear night (on any of the 286 clear, cloudless nights a year).

Overnight stay: in Alqueva.
Tip: you can spend the night on a boat.

Day 2
Aracena Spain

After a starry night in Alqueva, our tour leads us to Aracena in Spain. This town is characterised by typical Andalusian architecture with whitewashed houses that contrast with the panoramic views of hills and mountains. Interesting to know is that the medieval town of Aracena was ruled by the Portuguese after the conquest from the Moors.

Our favourites to visit in Aracena: the castle, the church Nuestra Señora del Mayor Dolor, several Mudejar sights and the Plaza Mayor. Also worth a visit is the Gruta de las Maravillas, or Cave of Wonders, located in the historic centre of Aracena.

Overnight stay:
We continue to Seville for a first night in this beautiful Spanish city.

Day 3
Seville Spain

Enjoy a whole day in Seville, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, as there is plenty to see in this enchanting city full of Arab influences.

Our favourites to visit in Seville: the old Jewish quarter of Santa Cruz, the Mudejar-style Cathedral Maria de la Sede and Giralda Tower, the Alcázar and the Plaza de España, which has been used as a backdrop in several films.

Also make time to enjoy tapas on a terrace and do some shopping!

Overnight stay: in Seville.

Day 4
Mérida Spain

Today we continue our mini-tour to Mérida, still in Spain, to admire the many Roman archaeological sites.

Our favourites to visit in Mérida: Teatro Romano, Anfiteatro Romano, Temple of Diana, National Museum of Roman Art, Puente Romano (Roman Bridge).

Badajoz Spain

After lunch, we drive to Badajoz in Spain, a historic centre that is definitely worth a visit.

Our favourites to visit in Badajoz: the town hall on Plaza España, the cathedral, the Alcazaba (Arab fortress) with spectacular views and the bridge, Puente de Palmas.

Overnight stay: 
We drive to Portalegre in Portugal to spend the night.

Day 5
Portalegre Portugal

Due to its strategic location on the border with Spain, Portalegre was a crucial defensive point during the Middle Ages, but Roman and prehistoric remains prove that the city was inhabited long before the Middle Ages.

The winding, cobbled streets, the Baroque-inspired buildings, the historic centre, the Praça da República are all intriguing locations.

Our favourites to visit in Portalegre: Amarelo Palace, Achaioli Palace, São Bernardo Monastery, the Cathedral.

Tomar Portugal

On to Tomar, which once was the Portuguese headquarters of the Knights Templar and where Henry the Navigator made plans to explore the world by sea.

Our favourites to visit in Tomar: Convento de Cristo (UNESCO World Heritage), Praça da Republica, the park

After this last visit of this 5-day short trip through Alentejo, we drive back to Lisbon airport.

Good to know

The 5-day guided mini-trip through Alentejo is meant for 2 persons up to a group of maximum 6 persons. Are you travelling alone, with a partner, a group of friends or your family? You and/or your company will always enjoy exclusive private guidance during the whole tour. The price for this guided tour is calculated according to vehicle occupancy.

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