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Jan & Hilde

Silver Coast Airport Shuttle Service

08 May 2021

We have inside knowledge of airport shuttle service fails. Imagine the frustration. How would you feel? You’re flying to Lisbon en-route to the paradise that is the Silver Coast. Your morning journey to the airport was fine, your flight ran like clockwork and even the takeoff and landing into Lisbon was smoother than your in-flight cream cheese and salmon bagel.


Portuguese wines: too many to taste!

15 April 2021

The popularity of Portuguese wines is on the rise and for good reason. Portugal has many more grape varieties than you might initially imagine. For the red grape varieties, there are 17 types of grapes for wine-making and for the white grape there are 16 varieties. Some even say, 250 grape varieties can be found in Portugal. We won’t list them all however, they include Alvarhinho, Loureiro, Moscatel Graúdo (white) and Jaen, Moreto, Tinta Barroca (red), to name but a few.

Portugal flag

A retrospective view on Portugal and Silver Coast

15 April 2021

It’s sometimes important to look back and think about some of the highlights Portugal and the Silver Coast has experienced in the year just passed, as we enjoy the first month of 2019.