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Culinary Portugal: an extraordinary, delicious 12-day trip with your own transport

Discover Portugal at its best: wine tasting and culinary delights

Do you enjoy the finer things in life, including fine dining and exquisite wines? If so, have you considered Portugal? This ancient, special and yet undiscovered country offers incredible food and the finest wines that are often unjustly overlooked.

Are you a connoisseur looking for a different, inspiring culinary destination awash with the finest wines this year? Then why not experience surprising Portugal? A visit to this romantic country is always worthwhile. These tips for a unique culinary tour of Portugal will not only feed your hunger for culture, but also stimulate your taste buds.

Would you like to explore Portugal with your own car or a rental car together with your partner, one or more friends or your family? This luxurious 12-days/11 nights culinary discovery tour starts at Lisbon airport and ends at Porto airport. Between the culinary experiences, the itinerary also includes several hikes, some of them on steep roads. Comfortable walking shoes are therefore essential. Don't forget your camera!

Culinary Portugal itinerary in summary

Below, you will find a summary of the itinerary for this special 12-day culinary journey through Portugal. Of course, you can adjust the itinerary to your wishes.

In these free tips for a culinary tour of Portugal, you will have the opportinity to taste wines and dine deliciously almost every day. For your culinary adventure, we suggest some restaurants, wineries and 4- or 5-star hotels. Choosing another hotel or restaurant is not possible in all places, as it is not possible within the proposed itinerary. Where it’s possible to choose your own hotel, it’s best to select accommodation that is located within the itinerary of the culinary tour of Portugal.

The accommodation and restaurant scene is constantly changing. Since Jinah Trans can no longer offer the culinary tour as a service (but we do offer these free tips), we are not always up to date with new interesting addresses. So do your own research!

Just as you book restaurants and hotels in advance, it’s also best to do so if you want to taste wines at a quinta or herdade.

Type of travel
Number of days


Day 1
Arrival at Lisbon airport and visit of city district of choice

On this first day of your special 'Culinary Portugal' tour, you arrive at Lisbon airport. After picking up your rental car, drive to your hotel so you can freshen up. Depending on the arrival time of your flight, you can still visit one of Lisbon’s city districts.

Put on your walking shoes, stretch your legs and enjoy this beautiful city. Lisbon is built on seven hills, so some of the streets can be quite steep. Also bear in mind that most of the streets are cobbled and have rather narrow pavements.

After or during this walk, which immediately puts you in the Lisbon vibe, choose a restaurant for dinner.

Hotel tip: Eurostar das Letras (5 stars)

Summary of the day
  • Arrival at Lisbon Airport
  • Transfer to your hotel
  • A short visit to one of the city districts, depending on your arrival time
  • Overnight stay in Lisbon
Day 2
Quinta do Seixo

Pack your bags, because today you’ll head south. You drive across the Tagus River to the edge of the Arrábida Nature Reserve in the Alentejo region. In Azeitão, you'll visit a family of winemakers with almost two centuries of experience, a perfect start of this culinary tour of Portugal.

The family has several quintas, each with its own atmosphere and grape varieties. Today, you’ll visit one of their vineyards and the accompanying wine museum: Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal. You may also be able to taste wines here (advance booking is required).


After this visit, we will pass the city of Setúbal on our way to the Pérola da Mourisca restaurant near the Estuário do Sado (the estuary of the Sado River). This restaurant is known for its regional delicacies, a combination of the flavours of the Alentejo's interior and delicacies from the river and the ocean.

Overnight stay near the nature reserve, possibly at the castle-hotel Pousada Pamela, where you can also have a delicious dinner.

Ajuda palace
Summary of the day
  • Visit to a vineyard and wine museum, with or without wine tasting: Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal, Azeitão
  • Stay a while near and enjoy the Estuário do Sado (lunch at Pérola da Mourisca restaurant)
  • Overnight stay near the nature reserve (Pousada Pamela)
Day 3
Quinta do Seixo
Wine tasting in fantastic Herdade

After breakfast, you continue your culinary tour of Portugal inland to visit th fantastic Herdade dos Gous (estate) set in an enchanting, serene landscape. The wines have been repeatedly awarded for their premium quality. To complement the wine tasting, we recommend that you also have lunch here!


On the way to your next destination, you stop briefly to soak up the atmosphere of Beja. Today this is a peaceful town, but in the past it played an important role in defending Portugal's borders. The imposing 13th century castle, built on earlier fortifications by the Moors and Romans, bears witness to the conflict-filled history of this town. With 197 steps, the 40-metre-high tower is the tallest in Portugal. At the top, you will be rewarded with a sensational view over Beja and the rolling plains below.


Afterwards, you continue to the historic city of Évora. Next to the Roman temple, you will find the luxury hotel Pousada Convento Évora, where you can book rooms if you wish. After you’ve settled in, you can go for a stroll at your leisure. Or would you rather just sit and relax? That's possible too!

For dinner in the evening, we suggest the excellent restaurant Fialho, located amidst the peace and quiet.

Summary of the day
  • Wine tasting and possibly lunch at Herdade dos Gous
  • Short visit to the city of Beja
  • Diner at Fialho restaurant
  • Overnight stay in Évora: Pousada Convento Évora
Day 4
Wine tastings in the Évora region

Leave your suitcase at the hotel this morning, as you will sleep here again tonight. Today, you can visit several vineyards in the Évora area, each with their own unique character. You will enjoy the extensive vineyards, olive groves and numerous fields of local crops, many of which are organically grown.

Not only will you have the opportunity to taste many different wines. At one of the winemakers,  you can also have a delicious lunch.

After all the tasting and savouring,  drive back to Évora, where you can rest or take a short walk. For dinner, we suggest the Dom Joaquim restaurant.

Wine rack
Summary of the day
  • Visits various vineyards with optional wine tasting and lunch. In order of the description above: Herdade do Esporão, Herdade das Servas (+ lunch), Cartuxa
  • Free time in Évora
  • Diner at Dom Joaquim restaurant
  • Overnight stay in the same hotel in Évora
Day 5
Wine tastings

After a good night's sleep and breakfast, it's time to pack your suitcase. You’ll head to Quinta do Gradil, a vineyard in the rolling hills north of Lisbon for a wine tasting. This vineyard also offers a delicious gourmet lunch.

Buddha-Eden-Garden Bombarral
Buddha Eden garden

Then, you drive to Quinta dos Loridos located next to the famous Buddha Eden Garden. This exceptional oriental garden of 35 hectares, the largest in Europe, has numerous Buddha statues and other sculptures, pagodas and a real terracotta army. A monumental place to wander around and admire the works of art.

If your group has at least 6 people, you can book a wine tasting in the quinta's wine cellar. Check this information!


After this visit, it’s high time to move on to your next destination: Óbidos. This medieval walled town is one of the most picturesque and best-preserved fortified towns in Portugal. You'll fall head over heels in love with its labyrinth of narrow, cobbled streets and charming huddled houses, guarded by a sturdy castle that is now a hotel. This town also has a romantic nickname. You are sure to discover what it is and why! Also don't miss the chance to taste a Ginjinha de Óbidos, a cherry liqueur uniquely served in a chocolate cup.

For your overnight stay, we suggest the Sana Silver Coast 4-star hotel that also accommodates the excellent Lisbonense restaurant.

Obidos gate
Summary of the day
  • Visit to vineyard Quinta do Gradil north of Lisbon, wine tasting with optional gourmet lunch
  • Visit to Buddha Eden garden with optional wine tasting
  • Visit to the medieval town of Óbidos
  • Diner at Lisbonense restaurant
  • Overnight stay in Caldas da Rainha, Sana Silver Coast hotel
Day 6
Wine tasting Dão region

After breakfast, enjoy some rest on a longer drive to the north of Portugal, where you can visit the Casa de Santar (near Viseu) in Santar. The quinta is located in the heart of the Dão region, just south of the Douro valley. Dão wines are among the most highly regarded in Europe, so why not book a tasting?

For lunch, we recommend O Cortiço, a high-quality Portuguese restaurant in the heart of the historic city of Viseu. The founder of this restaurant searched all the villages of the region for old, indigenous recipes that have been passed on orally generation after generation. The result is a unique menu!


After lunch, it is time to discover the historic centre of Viseu with its narrow medieval streets. In the square by the cathedral, marvel at the many amazing granite buildings.

In the historical centre, you’ll find Muralha de Sé, another gastronomic restaurant with a traditional and cosy atmosphere. The dishes may of course be accompanied by exquisite wines.

You can stay in Montebelo, a 5-star hotel outside the city centre where you can enjoy panoramic views of the landscape.

Summary of the day
  • Visit and wine tasting in the Dão region: Adegas de Casa de Santar
  • Walk in the historical centre of Viseu
  • Lunch at O Cortiço restaurant
  • Dinner at Muralha de Sé restaurant
  • Overnight stay hotel Montebelo in Viseu
Day 7
Douro Valley

Today, you continue this culinary tour of Portugal northwards to the Douro Valley, a wine region recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. You can visit Quinta do Crasto, a beautifully situated quinta on the right bank of the River Douro. Over the centuries, this quinta has perfected Douro and port wines. Moreover, they also produce one of the best extra virgin olive oils of the region.

Definitely take the time for a wine tasting at the quinta. There are several possibilities for lunch in the area.

Although there is time for a cruise on the Douro River on a later day in the itinerary, you can also choose to take a boat trip today. Or perhaps you would like to head straight to the 5-star Six Senses hotel on the banks of the Douro to enjoy a room with a view of the river and the valley. Another accommodation option is the Vintage House Hotel.

Douro river Porto
Summary of the day
  • Visit to and wine tasting at Quinta do Crasto on the Douro river
  • Possibility of a boat trip on the Douro
  • Overnight stay in Six Senses hotel of Vintage House Hotel
Day 8
Douro Valley
A day of rest in the Douro valley

Enjoy some peace and quiet and make time to admire the beautiful views of the vine-covered landscape of the Douro valley. Take a dip in the heated swimming pool of the Six Senses hotel, follow one of the many nature trails and savour the scents and colours of the botanical garden. Or enjoy one of the luxurious spa treatments offered by the hotel.

You will be totally relaxed before dinner in the hotel's excellent restaurant, which serves local and home-grown vegetables and herbs and the best wines from the Douro Valley.

Douro Valley
Summary of the day
  • Enjoy a relaxing day in this beautiful location
  • Overnight stay in the Six Senses 5-star hotel
Day 9
Minho region
Wine tasting in the Minho region

Today, you continue to the northernmost point of Portugal at the border with Spain to visit Quinta do Soalheiro in the Minho region. This quinta is a pioneer in the creation of Alvarinho wine, which is only made in this region. The quinta benefits from a protective mountain range that helps create the perfect conditions for growing grapes.

After the wine tasting, there will be time to have lunch in the area. Afterwards, our culinary tour of Portugal takes you south to Braga, where you can stay at the 5-star Melia hotel outside the city centre.


Braga is one of Portugal’s oldest cities and is a bustling student town. Its cathedral is the oldest in Portugal (12th century). In the afternoon, you’ll have time to explore the city. Relax, take your time to stroll through the historic centre, admire the many churches and typical local houses. You might also want to have a coffee at the famous Café Brasileira.

For dinner, there is plenty of choice in Braga. You might want to try the  restaurant Dona Julia, listed in the Michelin Guide. Or just 10 km outside Braga, Ferrugem Restaurante in Vila Nova de Famalicão.

Summary of the day
  • Wine tasting at Quinta do Soalheiro in the Minho region
  • Free time in Braga
  • Overnight stay in Braga
Day 10
Porto and port wineries

It’s time to pack your bags again, because after breakfast, you’ll drive to the city of Porto. In the heart of Porto, you can stay at the 5-star InterContinental Porto Hotel, Palacio das Cardosas, which used to be a palace. This hotel is also conveniently located as many of the sights are nearby.

Today, the focus is on port wine. This type of wine is actually made in the Douro Valley, but the city of Porto was keen enough to give it its name. You can visit the port wine houses that are all located near the river. Stroll from one bank of the river to the other. You can taste port everywhere and enjoy delicious snacks.


After this, you will also have time for shopping, unless you prefer to visit some interesting sights. More information on places of interest can be found here.

In the evening, dine at DOP, a first-class restaurant for an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Most culinary restaurants are within walking distance of the hotel we suggested above.

Porto wine
Summary of the day
  • Visit several port wine houses in Porto
  • Free time for shopping or see the sights in Porto
  • Dinner at DOP
  • Overnight stay in Porto
Day 11
Porto city or culinary cruise on the Douro

No need to pack today, as you will be staying in the same hotel for the night.

This is your full last day, so why not end your culinary journey with a full day cruise on the Douro River! Lunch is also served during these cruises. Cruzeiros Douro offers several options.

You can also choose to spend another day exploring the city of Porto.

In the evening, you can dine at another excellent restaurant in the gastronomic city of Porto.

Bento station
Summary of the day
  • Full day cruise on the Douro River or further exploration of the city of Porto
  • Overnight stay in the same hotel in Porto
Day 12
Porto Airport

It is time to say goodbye. After breakfast, or later in the day depending on the departure time of your flight, you drive to Porto airport.

Summary of the day
  • To Porto airport

Good to know

The 12-day guided culinary tour through Portugal is meant for 2 persons to a group of maximum 6 persons. Are you travelling alone, with your partner, one or more friends or your family? You and/or your company will always enjoy exclusive private guidance during the entire tour of Portugal. The price for this guided tour along the best culinary places is calculated according to vehicle occupancy.

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