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Tips for Short Trips in Portugal and Spain

Discover more of Portugal and Spain with our tips for short trips

On this website, we are pleased to give you free tips for some short trips in Portugal and Spain. If you want to discover more of Portugal and Spain on your own, with your partner, one or more friends or your family, our tips for short trips are a good start!

Due to recent global events, we no longer offer guided short trips or longer tours. But we are still happy to share this valuable information. So, you can take a short or longer trip through Portugal and Spain with your own car or a rental car. Enjoy the many sights, culture, architecture, history, good food and delicious wines!

Why should you choose a short trip through Portugal?

Portugal has so much more to offer than just a beach holiday in the Algarve, the Silver Coast or any other seaside resort. Rightly so, Porto and Lisbon are popular destinations for city trips.

Our tips for short trips are a bit different. We would like to introduce you to the real Portugal (and some charming locations just across the border in Spain). Places you might never think of yourself but are very much worth discovering.

Tips for short trips that immerse you in culture, history, architecture and more

With its colourful history of wars and voyages of discovery, and the constant desire to preserve the past while embracing the new, Portugal is the ideal country for captivating short breaks. As icing on the cake, we’ve added a few special locations across the border in Spain!

In addition to culture, history and architecture, the Portuguese also love good food and drink. Who doesn’t? Foreigners are not used to some of the Portuguese (or Spanish) dishes and might be an adventure to try. You may still be surprised by the delicious flavours! Be sure to also enjoy the many delicious Portuguese wines.

With consistently low consumer prices compared to other European countries, you can indulge yourself culinarily during these short trips through Portugal and Spain.

Portuguese nature

Depending on the region you visit during one of our short trips, Portuguese nature is surprisingly varied. In addition to cultural-historical sites and gastronomy, we will also taste and enjoy the vast fields in a sometimes flat or hilly landscape of the Alentejo, the endless mountains and panoramic views from castles, the winding roads along a golden river surrounded by endless green fields dotted with a sea of vines, pristine sunsets ...

Romantic souls will surely find inspiration during these short trips through Portugal!

Short trips through Portugal and Spain: these are our tips

Whether you are convinced or not that there is more to Portugal and Spain than just a beach holiday, take a look anyway and start your journey of discovery while reading our tips for the following short trips:


With each short trip, we suggest you the place to stay overnight. Of course, it’s up to you whether you want to do this or not. The B&B, hotel and restaurant scene, opening hours and prices are constantly changing. Therefore, we do not provide that kind of information. You will surely find that yourself on the internet.

Have fun with our tips for your short trips!

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