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Tips for longer trips Portugal and Spain on your own

Themed tours through Portugal and Spain

We are delighted to introduce our free tips for various themed longer tours in Portugal and Spain. They take you to fantastic destinations with a rich variety and fascinating history interwoven with unique stories. Whether you are travelling with your partner, one or more friends or your family, with these free tips from Jinah Trans for unique tours with your own car or a rental car, you will discover both popular and lesser-known locations.

Depending on the chosen theme, we focus mainly on cultural-historical sites, folklore and/or culinary delights and wine tastings. Thus, you will discover Portugal and a piece of Spain with their own unique atmosphere and culture. Laced with sights, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The special and unforgettable destinations in these special longer trips await you in the ancient and imposing realm of Portugal and across the border in Spain.


Why travel around Portugal and Spain?


Portugal has so much more to offer than just a beach holiday in the Algarve, the Silver Coast or a seaside resort in another region. Rightly so, Porto and Lisbon are popular destinations for city trips.

But, because there are so many interesting locations in Portugal and Spain, we don't want to keep this information and these tips from you. Over the years, our passion and knowledge have expanded to such an extent that we cannot help but share it with you!

In a unique way, these tours introduce you to the real Portugal (and some charming locations just across the border in Spain). The proposed longer trips also dare to pass by well-known places to take you to surprisingly beautiful other places that you might never think of yourself, though which are very much worth discovering.

Culture, history, architecture and more

With a colourful history of wars and voyages of discovery, the Iberian Peninsula offers a wealth of sights, culture and architecture.

In addition, the Portuguese and Spanish also love good food and drink. Who doesn’t? Are you, as a foreigner, not used to some Portuguese (or Spanish) dishes? Then a restaurant visit is an adventure in itself. One thing is certain, you should definitely taste and try it! Maybe you will be surprised by the delicious flavours! Also enjoy the many delicious Portuguese wines and the Spanish ones, of course. Wine tasting opportunities abound!

Thanks to the low consumer prices compared to other European countries, you can indulge yourself with culinary delights during our tours through Portugal and Spain.

Be quick to discover our tips for special tours

We offer you a lot of free information for special longer trips through Portugal and Spain. Take a look!

Enjoy our tips for your longer trips!

Jinah Trans Portugal services in a nutshell

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