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How to complete the online reservation

How to complete the online reservation forms?


On the online reservation page, you see two links (with an arrow in front of them): one link for a transfer 'From Lisbon to the Silver Coast' and one link for a transfer 'From the Silver Coast to Lisbon'.

In this way, if you only need one airport transfer, you can select the route (from or to the airport). If you need both transfers, you complete both forms.

If you need a transfer from Lisbon to the Silver Coast

Click on the arrow before ‘From Lisbon to the Silver Coast’. You will see the fields you need to fill in for your airport transfer.

From: click on the arrow next to ‘Select a value’ and click on the location where our driver will pick you up. For example, Lisbon Intl Airport (Lisbon International Airport).

Additional fields to fill in will automatically appear:

  • Flight arrival time (click on ‘i’ for more important information):
    • Enter the date and hour of arrival (in 24-hour format)
    • Enter the flight number
    • Enter the airport of departure
    • Will Jinah Trans pick you up at Lisbon Centre or Lisbon Bèlem? Then enter the name of the accommodation and full address with postal code!
  • To: again, click the arrow next to ‘Select a value’. Find your destination in the alphabetical list and click on it. Is your destination not in the list? Contact us!
  • Info: click on the arrow next to ‘Select a value’ and indicate the number of passengers.
  • After you have entered the number of passengers, an extra box for children under the age of 12 will appear. Enter their ages, separated by commas. This information is important to know how many and which child seats we need for your transfer.
  • In the last large box with ‘Description extra-large luggage’, enter only a description of non-suitcases. For example, ‘children’s buggy’ or ‘golf clubs’. Also provide the dimensions! So, in this field, you do not enter the number of suitcases. Carefully read Article 5 of our general terms and conditions regarding dimensions and the maximum number of pieces of luggage for your group.

Did you completely everything correctly in this section? Then click the ‘Add to reservation’ button. This ‘tab’ will close automatically, and your reservation will now appear in the shopping basket at the top right of the screen.

If you need a transfer from the Silver Coast Lisbon to the airport

After this, do the same for the return trip. Click on the arrow before 'From the Silver Coast to Lisbon' and fill in all the requested information. After you have completed everything, click 'Add to reservation' again.

You will now see 2 items in your shopping basket at the top right of the screen.

Complete your order

To check out, click on the shopping basket. It will open in a new tab.

You will see all the airport transfers you have entered. Check them again to make sure all details are correct.

Then click the ‘Checkout’ button. You are now in the payment section. Enter the required personal details.

For your mobile number, don't forget to include the country code as well.

When all the information has been entered, click the 'Continue to check' button.

If any information is missing, you will be prompted to complete the field or correct the error.

If everything is filled in correctly, you will be automatically directed to the payment section to complete the payment. From this step, you are in the system of payment provider mollie, over which we have no control.

Confirmation of your order

Once your payment and order is complete, you will automatically receive an e-mail confirming your airport transfer reservation. Check again that everything is correct!

What if your requested airport transfer is not accepted?

It is possible that we already have another booking at the time of your transfer. In that case, the system will indicate that your booking request is not possible.

If this happens, please contact us. It might be possible to adjust something in our schedule so that we can still perform your airport transfer.

Should anything go wrong when booking, don't panic! Contact us and we will be happy to assist you!