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Day trip Tomar, Fátima and the Mira caves – Portugal / Temporarily unavailable

Day trip Tomar, Fátima and the Mira caves – Portugal

In preparation for the day trip Tomar, Fátima and Mira caves, it is best to have a hearty breakfast and put on your walking shoes! For a private day trip with your partner or family full of fascinating sights, culture and history.

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In the morning
Tomar, the Knights Templar headquarters

We start our day tour with a visit to the Convento de Cristo and its castle in Tomar, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The construction of the complex started in 1160 and it later became the headquarters of the Knights Templar and the Order of Christ.

One of the important historical figures who played a major role in the Military Order of Christ was Henry the Navigator. As Grand Master and initiator, he invested the earings of the order in the many voyages of discovery that ushered in the Portuguese empire. But there is much more to tell during this day trip!

Morning and lunch
Our guide brings everything in this day trip to life

This will definitely be an exciting day trip. With his lively stories, our enthusiastic guide brings the historically important town of Tomar back to life. In addition to all the relevant historical details about the castle and the monastery, you will also get the chance to photograph some of the relics and rooms.

In the afternoon
After lunch to Fátima

After a quick lunch in the city centre of Tomar, we continue our day trip to Fátima. This world-famous pilgrimage site is where the Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherd children between May and October 1917. During these apparitions, Our Lady of Fátima communicated three secrets to them.

The last miracle that took place on October 13, 1917 was the miracle of the sun. When a crowd gathered around the shepherd children, it seemed as if the sun was tumbling down toward the earth.

We visit the huge square with the open chapel, the original church, where the shepherd children are buried, and the ultra-modern cathedral. Would you like some time for yourself to meditate, pray or light a candle? No problem!

Late afternoon
Mira Cave
From man-made cathedrals to the natural caves of Mira

The last stop of this excursion is a visit to the Mira Caves in the Serra d'Aire. The caves are the largest in Portugal and form a true underground cathedral. They were only discovered in 1947 and descend to a depth of 180 metres underground.

The caves are attractively lit with coloured lamps that emphasise the beauty of the hundreds of stalagmites and stalactites. Discover the unusual shapes that have formed over millions of years and enjoy the rippling water of the Rio Negro that flows into the underground lake.

Good to know

  • In Tomar you will find nice restaurants and lunch bars where you can have a small snack at democratic prices
  • If you want to make the most of the time on your day trip, you can always bring your own picnic

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