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Visit the vibrant open-air market and a monumental palace

On a day tour with your partner, friends or family, our expert English-speaking guide will immerse you in the lively bustle and atmosphere of the large Portuguese open-air market of Malveira. Not far away from Malveira, you will also enjoy a visit to the monumental palace of Mafra.

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In the morning
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Visit the vibrant open-air market and a monumental palace

On Thursday mornings, people from all over the region come to the Malveira market to buy and sell fruits, vegetables and other foods. You will also find many market stalls with clothing, furniture and much more. A Portuguese market lets you immerse yourself in the real Portuguese life! And the market of Malveira is one of the oldest and largest in the country. So, don't forget your shopping bag and your wallet!


Mafra 3
After a snack at the market to the palace of Mafra

After you've soaked up the full atmosphere of the market and had a bite to eat, we continue our day trip to Mafra. Here you can visit the palace, a monumental Baroque and Neoclassical castle-monastery and one of the largest royal palaces. In addition to all the works of art and the vastness of the palace, there is another highlight to admire: the library with about 30,000 rare books arranged in tall rococo-style bookcases. Just like in the Biblioteca Joanina in Coimbra, bats keep the books company. They catch insects and thus contribute to the preservation of the historical contents.

In the afternoon
Why the Palace of Mafra was built

In 1711, King João V of Portugal swore that if his wife, Maria Anna, gave birth to a child, he would have a large monastery built. The king had a daughter and Mafra a palace ...

The entire building complex, with a wing for the king and a wing for the queen, has an area of 37,790 m2, 156 stairwells and 1,200 rooms including the monastery section with space for 300 Franciscan monks. The basilica has six historic organs and two carillons.

Good to know

  • At the market in Malveira you will find plenty of options to enjoy a delicious snack or lunch at reasonable prices.
  • Of course, you can also bring your own picnic.

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